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Precision Makes It Easy to Get Your Hurricane-Rated Door!

  • Free In-Home Estimates
  • Hurricane Impact-Rated To Miami-Dade Code
  • Financing Available through GreenSky, 0% Options
  • We Pull All Permits
  • We Quickly Install Your New Hurricane-Approved Door
  • We Arrange Necessary County Inspections

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Every garage door that Precision Overhead Garage Door installs is hurricane and wind-code approved, keeping you and your family safe during severe storms or hurricanes. Don't wait for an approaching storm to consider the risks!

Dangers of a Standard Door

  1. Standard doors can be forced out of the track from the wind pressure during a storm.
  2. Wind-borne debris can become dangerous as it can impact standard doors and enter homes.
  3. Intense pressure from wind speeds 111 mph (Category 3 or higher) inside the home can severely damage the structures of the home such as the walls and roof.
  4. Induced internal air pressure can get so intense that it can blow out the roof or wall panels as it increases.
  5. Window openings as small as 4 sq. ft. can cause pressure in the home’s interior and exert forces on the structure.
Dangers of a Standard Door

Wind Borne Debris Region

What Region Are You In?

During a storm, your home is vulnerable and at risk to both the rain and water levels, but also the wind pressure and wind-borne debris. If your garage door does not meet Wind Code Restrictions, the wind pressures can cause catastrophic damage to your home. Precision Garage Door only installs garage doors that meet all Florida state codes & requirements.


Did You Know?

Upgrading your garage door to a Hurricane-Rated Door can lower the cost of your insurance premium and a Miami-Dade Approved Hurricane Door (to the latest restrictions) will improve your home's resale value.

My Safe Florida Home

Precision Overhead Garage Door is a proud partner of the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) Program. MSFH was enacted by the Florida legislature to help single-family homeowners protect their homes against hurricanes and save money doing it!

  • Apply for a Free Home Hurricane Inspection
  • Get Home Strengthening Improvements, including Garage Door Upgrades
  • Receive Purchase & Insurance Savings
    • Matching grants are available for designated wind-borne regions
    • Potentially lower your home insurance premiums by participating in the program
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