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Choosing The Right Garage Door

1. Traditional or Carriage Style

The first choice you need to make when deciding on the style of your new door is whether you want to go with a traditional garage door or a carriage style.

Traditional garage doors are available in long or short panel. Both of the doors pictured here are raised panel.

Carriage House Style doors look like garage doors of yore but they are overhead doors and operate as you would expect. The variety of carriage house style doors is nearly unlimited. Call to learn more..

To learn more about the styles of garage doors that are available, as well as the many window choices, please visit our Garage Door Designer. Spend a couple of minutes deciding which options are best for you and email for a free quote.

2. Material

Steel is the most popular material used in garage doors due to it's durability and low maintenance. It is also avail able in many pre-painted colors. Steel is also the lowest cost garage door.

Wood is used in high-end carriage house doors but many carriage house door styles are available in steel as well. The price of a steel carriage house door may be comparable to a traditional door.

If you are interested in an ultra-contemporary upscale garage door. We have 2 options that are only recently available. Wrought Iron and Full View Aluminum garage doors.

3. Insulation

A properly insulated garage door will save you money on your energy bill and provide noise reduction for your new garage door.

Your budget is a factor when deciding on insulation. Typically, the more insulated a garage door the more it will cost.

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