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Garage Door Opener Repair Vs. Replacement

Opener Repair

Repairing your garage door opener may be a less expensive option than buying a new one. We often recommend repair over replacement for this reason.

Garage door openers, like most other technologies today, are changing. There are features available today that provide an introduction to home automation. You may want to upgrade your motor for this reason. We'll let you know about the exciting new openers available today.

What Caused Your Garage Door Opener To Break In The First Place?

Doing a Balance Test on your door as recommended by DASMA will tell you if it is your garage door system caused your motor to fail. Conducting a balance test is easy... you can do it yourself. Watch the short video below to learn how.

When a garage door is not in balance, as shown in the video, it will stress the motor and cause your opener to fail over and over again. The usual reason a garage door becomes unbalanced is because the wrong size spring is used on the door. Precision's professionally trained technician will always let you know if this is a potential problem and if it is, let you know as a part of your free 18-point inspection.

Call us to learn more. We will be happy to answer any other questions.

Common Problems With Garage Door Openers

Here are some of the most common problems seen by our technicians:

  1. Lightning - Lightning can cause power surges that can "zap" the circuitry of the motor
  2. Intermittent - Your opener may be working intermittently due to a wiring issue or safety eyes misalignment.
  3. Noisy/Humming - There are a number of things which may be the issue, and it may not necessarily be the opener. Other problems with your door may be overworking your opener and causing the internal gears to strip.
  4. Flashing Lights - If the lights are flashing or the door starts going down and comes back up, the most likely cause is misalignment or some other problem with your safety eyes. .

Precision services all major brands of garage door openers. Call today and save.