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The myth of galvanized springs

The good news is that galvanized garage door springs boast long cycle lives, meaning they will wind and unwind tens of thousands of times without breaking.

The bad news is that they quickly weaken to the point where they stop doing their job of lifting the door. Within 90 days galvanized springs have to be tightened as they relax and wear out that quickly.

Installers will often over-tighten galvanized springs so that they won't be called on by the customer to quickly return to adjust the relaxed galvanized springs. However by over-winding the galvanized garage door springs the life of the spring is shortened because they snap under the extra load.

Galvanized garage door springs weaken rapidly because they are made from Soft Drawn Steel that was never designed to be used for springs in the first place. You will not find galvanized springs in industrial or automotive use because they would never stand up to the load.

Old fashioned Oil Tempered Springs are made of Hardened Spring Steel, specifically designed for heavy duty spring use. You will find these springs in all sorts of industrial and automotive uses because they hold up well.

Oil Tempered Springs used to be coated in heavy oil but today they are usually painted. Oil Tempered springs have longer useful lives. They will break before galvanized springs but they will keep lifting the door long after galvanized springs stop doing their job altogether.

Precision uses a powder coated spring or and oil tempered spring. We are so proud of our springs we put our name on them.

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